Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Version 311.494.10070

Important notice: Please note that upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Make sure you have created a backup copy of the database before proceeding.
Specifications that have been added or modified:
Integrating FIFO evaluation method (for companies with Romanian Taxation laws)
It is now supported in production costing.
It is available in item sets costing.
It is supported in fiscal year change – transfer of inventory data.
The Import-Export cost field is now available in Purchase- Inventory document (when designing document columns)
Ratios / Function/Financial data calculation includes real FIFO method.\
Company View in English
The Company Financial Results view is now available in English.
Send application error messages to Softone
Every time an application error message appears, it is recommended to choose “Send” since now every message is automatically posted in our Internal Organization system.
Resolver for accounting in production documents
A new resolver has been added that allows to update accounting entries with the value in local currency. In addition, the production document series have been added to the respective batch job.
Dynamic save path (in pdf format) in all application reports
It is now possible to dynamically define the path where the reports will be saved in pdf format. The option can be enabled application-wide (in system settings) and modified per report.
Payments terms based on item line season
The item line season can be selected as dimension when designing a payment settlement.
Unpaid documents (report & view)
A new parameter called “Aging based on” has been added with the following values:
1. Document date – to group results on document date and document
2. Settlement / Cheque dates – to group results in payment terms due dates (FINALDATE)
New statistical functions to browser pivoting
The following functions have been added (with right click on calculated fields): AVG, COUNT,MIN,MAX, STDDEV,STDDEVP,VARIATION.
Item lot balance report
The lot balance report has been improved to run faster. Moreover, the date and type/series have been removed. The report has been renamed to “Current lot balance” to better reflect recent functionality changes (displays the balance up to the last posted transaction).
Bug fixing
Printing reports to excel
For non-Administrator Windows users (Power User / Restricted), the dates and numbers of reports that were printed to excel did not display correctly.
Remote server
Remote server option was not active on the system menu.
Cancel by reversal (documents)
The cancelled by reversal documents and the respective cancelling ones affected the results of financial ratios.
Modification of credit documents
If a credit document that had been matched (open-item) was modified, the document matching was deleted and the matching value appeared negative.
Transaction field in document types
If the TRDR transaction was completed in document types but the transaction was not flagged to update either Debit or Credit, after upgrading to 311 version series, the field appeared blank.
Prefectures of countries other than Greece
When posting prefectures of countries other than Greece, they didn’t appear in the respective fields.
EAN code generation (batch job)
The batch job of EAN code generation did not update correctly the LINENUM of the alternative codes.
Sending email via alert
The new parameter [Security] has been added to the settings of Remote Server in order to support e-mail sending via alerts.
Printing User lists to Excel
When printing a user list including the password column to excel, the password was revealed.

Table Resources in document columns
The Resources table is available when designing the columns of Sales – Purchases documents.

Unpaid documents report
The report did not present the correct results when the filter “Open-item method” was set to “Matched only”.
Automatic UOM completion in fixed asset entries
If no UOM was completed when inserting a new fixed asset entry, the first UOM in the table was automatically completed even if it was marked as “Inactive”.
Copy from buffer in item records
When the option was used, the item code was not excluded.
Saving a document using shortcut keys
If the payment document window was open, an error message appeared.
If the color – size quantity grid was open, the shortcut did not work. 
Maximum customer discount control
If the maximum customer discount control was set to “Prohibition”, then when posting a document the proposed discount percentage did not appear and the field “Discount” appeared Read-only.
Default document series in custom view
If a custom document view contained a default series value and the series was not set to automatically generate document code, then when the view opened, the field “Code” appeared read-only.
Access violation in custom views of payment terms
When designing custom views of payment terms, an Access violation error appeared. 

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