Friday, December 30, 2011

Version 312.507.10290

Features added / modified

Recalculation on printed documents
The job takes into account the parameter 'Modify printed document', found in Series.

Proxy function for type B fiscal devices.
Type B fiscal devices connected to a network have the ability to print from multiple computers, running through proxy.

New transaction for IFAISTOS.
902-Return (including the highest SCT rate) from the end consumer.(Legal Person, Article 1 of Ministerial Decision)

Paste from excel and line check.
Added on system options->Settings, the parameter 'Disable fast paste from clipboard', that activates the mechanism that existed in earlier versions.

Improved the execution time of printouts
Improved the execution time of printouts: Inventory Current balances, Inventory Trial Balance, Monthly inventory statement, Monthly inventory statement per W/h, Monthly import statement, Monthly import statement per W/H, Stock ledger (I.A.S.), Opening balance book, Opening balance book per W/h.

Changes in synchronization of the offline database
From now on the offline database is created from the start with table deletion and not with Drop Database process.

Bug fixing

Intrastat statistical value
A wrong statistical value would appear in Reports/Printouts: Intrastat imports when a credit document was included in detailed costing folder.

New prototype on sales documents.
The new prototype did not work properly for sales documents.

Error in Copy company job (Full Copy)
When the job was finished an error message would appear. Ole Error: 80040E14. The index 'CUSTMASTER_CUSTMASTER01' is dependent on column 'CUSTMASTER01'

Cash tills on collection documents.
When the user selects a different Cash on the collection document, then the posting of the document is made on the selected Cash.

Error while posting new inventory items with prototype
In inventory items, an error message 'ΙΤΕΜ:Dataset not in edit or insert mode' would appear when a selection was made from prototype.

On/Off: Synchronization
Corrected various problems on the synchronization of the local and central database. During the synchronization of the local database an error message would appear "The database is in use".

Error during the selection of Series in Sales/Retail documents.
An error message would appear "the document can not be changed" during the posting of a document with a series which has the prohibition option selected, in modify printed document field, and a customer with pricing policy.

Sql monitor from client.
Sql Monitor did not work from client (client/server, Azure)

Azure - Lot code creation from document lines.
In Azure environment, when creating the Lot from document lines with expiry date, an error message "invalid date" would appear.

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