Monday, December 5, 2011

Version 312.507.10286

Features added / modified

Forms printing
Supporting the string '<!PXS: number>' on workstations with Windows 7 operating system.

The last user that logged in, is not saved in Azure enviroment.
Added the ability on Azure, to save the last user that logged in the application in the each workstation.

Bug fixing

Displaced Report header when it is exported to Excel
When exporting customer Card printout in Excel the titles were not properly aligned.

Delay in QV scenarios execution.
Improved the script and gui portions of QV scenarios, to cope with larger volumes of data. CAUTION!: Requires manual update of scenarios (files .qvw) if there are earlier file versions in the folder.

Selecting the button two times.
When the button was selected two times in documents, the arrow of the drop down list in series, is disappeared.

Hyperlink rights
The rights for the use of hyperlinks did not load correctly after the change of users from the status bar.

On/Off Operation
In On/Offl installations the flag of offline configuration, would not appear during the log in. The selection of a connection should be made for the update to take place.

Sales - Purchases history in Services documents.
If the Sales - Purchases history was called by right click in a document with services transactions, an error message would appear "VFINHIST: Field 'MTRLOT' not found''.

Update of sales prices when the type has automatic coverage
There was not properly updated the sale price when the Type had auto coverage

Error while selecting goods in production documents.
During the selection of goods in production documents, an error message would appear "Access violation at address 0624DC03 in module 'findoc.bpl' ".

On/Off functionality.
The database function fnSOGetLinePend and the database VIEW VSOCASH did not install during the synchronization of the offline database in On/Off installations.

Services folders
At Services folders a message would appear 'Field: ITELINES.X_PRICER03 not found'.

Excel import in multilingual versions.
A malfunction is corrected in excel import, in multilingual versions, for non latin characters.

At the Line columns of purchace documents the field "U.O.M 1 Price" could not be selected
At the Line columns of purchase documents, the field "U.O.M 1 Price" could not be selected.

Services folders.
At Services folders a message would appear 'Field: ITELINES.X_MTRMANFCTR not found'.

Printing Forms for Installations.
At Forms for Installations,the plus sign (+) would not appear, on the customer branch.

Data flow scenarios
Fixed the behavior of the application in data flow scenarios to return the correct value, when divisions were made with fields with decimals.

Goods with SN and posting control.
For goods that follow SN(Mandatory) the posting control is being made during the posting of the line of the document(i.e. with barcode) and not during the posting of the document.

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