Thursday, March 21, 2013

Version 312.510.10405(i)

Features added / modified

Depreciation - Day of sale of and fixed asset
Added option in the Fixed Assets parameters for the calculation of the depreciation to take also into account the day that fixed asset was sold. 

Expiration and valeur in Cash Flow
If declared in Cash Flow 'Transfer to workday', first is transferred the expire in the first following working day and then is calculated the valeur.

Offline - Central update
Was added the possibility of updating the central installation from offline mode. Additionally in synchronization .log file from central to offline was added a record for the beginning and expiry time. Furthermore, during the updating of the central installation is created .log file in which is recorded the time of beginning and close of work.

Pivot Tables - Excel Export
When you export a pivot table to excel, is exported only the table with the data, and numeric fields now appear as numbers.

Bug fixing

Internal report form with background image
In windows 7, did not printed correctly the internal forms of documents which had background image and image at one section simultaneously.

Sales of Fixed Assets
In fixed asset sales, and since the company declared the monitoring fixed assets one by one, the entity at the line of the document was not completed.

S1 Designer-columns in User defined tables
In design of User defined tables, the fields changed place at the save. Moreover was added in the User defined tables, the possibility for change of place of fields (scroll up / down with right click)

User defined table in internal report form
An error would occur upon completion of the entry of an user-defined table at an internar report form.

Cancel of Accounting from commercial
Did not work properly the , when the design of the link was set to be per day.

Report ACT_STM
In the printing (ACT_STM) the filter “Series” did not take into account of the code of the Series, but the Type of the posted documents.

Sales by customer branch
In the printing (STAT_SAL_WH), when it was declared a value in the filters of the item was presented the following message “OLE error incorrect syntax near keyword AND”.

Cash flow
In selecting specific categories of portfolios in cash flow, it brought in the analysis and negotiable instruments that does not belong in these categories.

Copy customers to other companies
In Azure environment was not working the copy of customers to other companies.

Document strict numbering
In Series with and failed the check of posting of next numeration in previous date.

Discount credit notes
During the execution of job for Sales and Purchases, presented error in ORACLE.

Pay-off and wrong rate
A wrong rate would proposed if the option is selected from the Related jobs.

Cache -Azure
The changes of of documents and business unit were not available in the other azure clients only after the deletion of the cache.

Correction of editor field in the budgets of sales
If in the budgets of sales it was selected as dimension the , then in the elements of budget did not function correctly the editor the field.

Call of local field in title of field in the columns of lines of browser
Did not function the call of local field in title of field in the columns of lines of browser. (i.e browser of items with addition of band of analysis of balance per colour/size and WH)

Items with attributes and alternative packaging
In Items with analysis in attributes, is allowed henceforth the posting of alternative code without attributes provided that these have been declared in the relative packing.

Romanian V.A.T. Journal
Wrong information displayed in case of open-item deletion and matching with another document.

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