Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Version 312.510.10406(i)

Features added / modified

Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS
Added the possibility to post a seperate document for the Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS.

Series ordering to the requirements of consumptions.
At the printout 'Consumption requirements' added the option for selecting specific series.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets documents and columns with local fields
When posting a F/A in purchases documents and in line columns were local fields or fields from the second analysis the system displayed a message that the field 'purchase / addition' does not exist.

Windows 1251 symbol in VIES file (BG Localization)
Tab characters were substituted with space symbol.

Syncronization of local db
Under certain circumstances, did not take place the synchronization of the local base

Error in Item posting- license manager not found
In Azure, in Item posting with cypy in other companies, appeared error message that was found the license manager.

Update physical stock taking with attributes
During the execution of the Job '' Update physical stock taking'' the following error message would appear:
mtrnatqtys: Violation automatic numbering in the database file'' temporary table of items (inventory)''

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