Friday, April 5, 2013

Version 312.510.10407(i)

Bug fixing

Strict Numbering Issue
Did not display the correct message when posting a sales document, that document is posted with greater number at an earlier date, when
there was a Series of Inventory with the same numbering as the sales order Series and existed sales order Series with the same code as the inventory Series.

Problem with the selector of the field (Project) to budgets
In a Budget with Dimension 1 the Business Unit lines and Dimension 2 the Project, the following Error message would appear [Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'COMPANY'] in project selection.

Calculation of Qty1 in sets
There was no proper calculation of quantities in the set at Qty1 when there was strict relation among UoM2 and the 2nd rounded quantity resulted to be zero.

Readjustment of Assets
Year Depreciation is not calculated for fixed assets in case readjustment values had been calculated.

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