Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10521

Features added / modified

Services from Other transactions documents in VIES
Added the option of the expenses that concern services from Other transactions documents to appear at the Services column of the VIES printout.

VAT check
The character # is now acceptable at the Code field of Check VAT area in company "General parameters".

Production with By-Products
From now on, production expenses (costing data) can be excluded during the calculation of production value for By-Products.

Bug fixing

Backup job translation
The notification message for the completion of the backup job did not appear at the correct language.

Greek characters in file type 2.
On Azure installations the files created from the job "Accounting from commercial documents" with file type 2 did not show correctly the Greek characters.

Login at OnDemand
The username of the last login user is now saved at OnDemand installations and is proposed at the next login.

Exchange Rates - International codes
At the "Get Rates" job the validity of international codes of currencies is checked and the appropriate warning messages are displayed.

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