Monday, July 21, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10524

Features added / modified

Action update from Calendars
Added the field 'Confirm changes' at Calendar area in CRM parameters. If the field is set to 'Yes' then any update to an action from a calendar will request confirmation from the user.

Taxation laws
Added the option "Indifferent' at Taxation laws field.

Cost center at Stock Documents lines
Added the field Cost center at Stock Documents lines.

Items Transactions overview Dashboard
Added the possibility to select Series and Types of documents at the Items Transactions overview Dashboard. The field "Module" is required to be selected for the Series and Types of the correct module to appear.

Bug fixing

Analytical Trial balance (CUST_ANBAL) printout
An access violation message appeared at the execution of Analytical Trial balance printout (CUST_ANBAL) when Romanian taxation laws were selected.

Vat Status - Branches
The VAT status field is set as required at company branches.

Currency and Open Item
In case of update to the field Comments of a credit document in a currency other than the original document, then an incorrect change of currency was made in Open item.

Offline and cancellation documents
An error message would appear at the update from a remote site
to the central database if cancellation documents were posted in offline mode.

Accounting link
In case the option "Transfer of securities trans" was selected as "Yes" at an accounting link then the option "Trace" was activated automatically.

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