Thursday, June 11, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10642

Features added / modified

Production / Bill of Materials Report
Added option in the task dialog to display and the inactive Bill of Materials that has records in the selected interval.

Cash type and End Dates
Added fields Cash type and End Dates to Payment Terms.

Item Variations Transactions
Can now be traced and items without dimensions with relative option in the dialogue of the work.

Bug fixing

Dates to of Credits notes
Not informed properly scaling of credit notes when complemented field 'to date' at discount credit rule details in retrospect.

Close Cash Register
Corrected update of Supplier Payments. To update from Cash Account Transactions checked if the account of header is cash, credit card or cheques

Calculation of points
Loyalty points are not calculated in Sales Documents if there has been entry of retail document already and vice versa, where as condition field on political loyalty had used the accounting category customer and model of item.

Debits/Credits Categories Trial Balance
At Debits/Credits Categories Trial Balance appear error "Format SELECT A.CODE' invalid or incompatible with argument."

Document Printout Forms with automatic routing
Deleted the pdf file now with the same name as the one you created when printing a form with automatic routing.

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