Friday, June 26, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10644

Features added / modified

Sum value of expenses at conversion
In documents with expenses with calculation method: [Filled in during invoicing] now automatically proposes the value that is filled in the group of expenses. (These expenses add up to the conversion)

Cancel transactions of Service Folders
During the Cancelation transactions of Service Folders, the status of the actions associated with the folder now changed to 'Cancelled'.

CusValueDaysOpenDocs based on Payment terms
Added the parameter to the function CusValueDaysOpenDocs for unpaid documents value based on the payment terms date.

Bug fixing

Loyalty with Item groups
In Bonus Cards Rules with condition field item group is not given points for all groups involved.

Automatic document conversion
The values of the parameter "Automatic conversion" in the customization of the Series documents longer trigger the displayed function

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