Monday, June 6, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10732

Bug fixing

Call Centers
Fixed an error occuring while posting calls, if the user view redirection had been selected in CRM parameters.

SN Journal
Corrected an error in SN journal causing a message "Argument out of range" to appear when a local field was declared.

SN code format
In case that a SN code format has only numeric characters, the suggested SN code remains empty and the fields "From number", "To number" are filled following the last code and quantity of the item.

Markup decimal places
Markup decimal places option is now set according to the decimals places selected for percentages of the company.

Suppliers to suppliers reconciliations
The series of suppliers to suppliers reconciliations have been added to the filters of suppliers statements.

Cost prices in line columns
Fixed an error occuring in Oracle databases when cost prices were added in the line columns of the documents.

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