Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10736

Features added / modified

Data cards
Data cards are sorted regarding the flag of the transaction.

CRM - Questions in xxf
Export of questions in xxf has been added as ability.

Bug fixing

Document import
An error was occured in imports with lot of document lines.

Auto Composition with mass conversion
Composition documents were not created through conversion with mass process, despite the fact that automatic composition was declared in documents series.

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis
Corrected the filters for item code and item description.

Sales - purchases journal
Brought fwd is correctly calculated in sales and purchases journal when specific dates are declared in their filters.

Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document
Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document.

Windows scheduler export
OUTPUT=XLSX has been added in reports configuration using command lines. In this case a xlsx file will be created.

Document conversion with branch
In cases with automatic pay-off by credit card, the suggested branch of pay off documents posted through conversion is the branch of the initial document.

office 365/ double entries
An error was occurred when a later from the login date was declared in the filters. Reinstallation of Cloud Apps is required (CloudAppsConnector.dll, Office365Connector.dll).

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
In databases with big data of stock items with variations, a delay was occurred in Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage job.

data error / elegant super
A data error was displayed when changing lines with items having zero values.

Report Filters
Corrected an error in report filters: if a code filter was used, while selecting a record from the look up list, the list was displaying the record's id instead of the record's code.

Fixed an occasional error in grouped data in reports.

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