Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10745

Features added / modified

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO)
Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO) is now available for the Bulgarian version.

Resolver for VAT debit/credit
An resolver for VAT debit/credit was added to the accounting link.

Bug fixing

Productions document quantity 2
Corrected an error in production document quantities, where Quantity 2 was not set automatically when changing Quantity 1, even though a fixed relation between the related Units of Measurement had been set for the stock item.

Send e-mail to customer
Fixed an error that prohibited sending a customer e-mail that had an empty subject.

Delay in displaying stock item financial data
Fixed an error that caused a significant delay when opening stock item financial data.

Alert code
Corrected an error that prohibited saving when an alert with error was setup.

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