Monday, September 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10746

Bug fixing

Empty Containers
Fixed deleting of main stock items in documents with more than one empty container items.

Project Financial Data
Fixed the project's financial data so as to include the document header of customer collections.

Order planning
Fixed an error in order planning job, when customers had branches and customer branches analysis was selected.

Trial Balance Per Customer Branch
Corrected a bug in "Trial Balance Per Customer Branch" report where selecting the filter "Branches w/o transactions in period" would produce an error if no branch had been selected as headquarter.

Max item discount
Fixed the max item discount in sales documents.

Check Accounting Entries
Corrected an error in Check Accounting Entries Report that raised the message "There is nothing to print!" even though there were accounting entries to be posted.

Unicode fields
Corrected an occasional error when using unicode fields.

Sales order report
Fixed an error in sales order report when the "Detailed" check was set to True.

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