Monday, December 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10762

Features added / modified

Documents assignment to the bank
Modified the documents assignment to the bank job dialog, so as to suggest "Yes" in every line.

D394 Statement
Proceeded with the necessary modifications in order for Soft1 to fully comply with the latest updates of ANAF and generate the 394 Statement correctly.

SQL Scripts
SQL Scripts can be declared and called throught Web Service SQLDATA.

Automatic year creation
Logging in through web services, the log in years are automatically created, if they do not already exist.

Bug fixing

VAT value in costing folders
Fixed the VAT value of expense documents column in costing folders to display the correct value.

Current Stock Balances
An error occured, after changing stock opening balances with lots, affecting current stock balances report results.

Import script
An error occured in import scripts containing items having only one variation.

Lots with norminal proposal
Lots prososal with norminal values is now properly working.

New bill of materials
Fixed an error that displayed the message "Field SPCS cannot be modified" when trying to post a new entry, while having a locked bill of materials open.

Bill of materials
Modified user rights so that fields "Main" and "Locked" in bill of materials can be changed by any user. The "Locked" flag can only be modified by user with sounlock rights.

Routing throught customers browser
Google maps routing is now properly working thought default windows web explorer browser.

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