Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10765

Features added / modified

Customer Interest Report
Customers interest report has been updated by adding the following:
1) column document total value
2) filter regarding interest amount limit
3) comment field in customer interest calculation

Copy budgeting data
Filter regarding deleting existing data has been added in copy budget data job.

Bug fixing

Insert - Update - Delete Contacts
Update type Insert - Update - Delete was not properly working in contract parameters.

Service set
In some cases, in service folders containing service set services, error "SRVLINES: Dataset not in edit or insert mode" occured.

Re-issue by cancelling with reversal
Re-issue by cancelling with reversal job was not properly working when the document had payment term calculation mode with question.

User login
Trying to log in a company without having defined periods for the current date, banned the log in companies with active periods.

Add ons
An error occured while installing all the available add ons, using filter select all.

Emails with recording
An occured while sending emails with recording.

Trading partner in contracts
Hyper-link trading partner was not properly working in contracts of business operations.

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