Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10921

Features added / modified

Fast Report - characters of string list
A change has been made, so that the fields that have a string editor return to the the printout forms the characters and not the numbers of the entry.
In order to change the behaviour of those fields on an already existing form, the specific fields must be deleted and added to the form again.

Cost centers
Cost centers (COSTCNTR) can be now declared in the fixed asset lines of sales/purchases documents.

Reverse exchange rates
Reverse exchange rates choice has been added in exchange rates job.

Bug fixing

Response set in questions
Response sets were not properly dipsplayed in crm questions.

"Selector Record Not Found" error was displayed, whenever replying to emails that suppliers had been declared as the trading party.

Email field "To" was not properly updated according the trading party in email import job.

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