Friday, May 26, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10922

Bug fixing

Browser design
Browser design with grouping, auto run and auto filtering was not properly working when grouping fields were selected last.

Documents processings
Fields number(1-4) were not transfered throught documents processing.

Documents processing and lines packing
Documents processing was not properly working when no simiral lines action was declared in document's type.

ABC Browser
An error occured in ABC costing browser, when horizontial was declared analysis in value using dimensions.

VIES- intra EU Arrivals Report
Country in VIES- intra EU Arrivals Report is now updated by the country of the customer's branch, whenever there is one.

Coverage of pending
An error occured in coverage of pending job, whenever only type 2 variation had been declared in items and documents lines had variation analysis.

Employees work position
Posting work positions in employees, number of seats check is applied only to active employees.

QlikView Reload from Task Scheduler
QlikView files reloading was not properly working.

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