Friday, October 6, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10938

Features added / modified

Statement with cheques analysis
Customer to supplier reconciliation types can be now selected in filter "type" of suppliers report "Statement with cheques analysis" .

Imports intrastat report - Country of Suppliers Branch
The country of Suppliers Branch is now displayed in imports intrastat report.

Technical code in items
Technical code field has been added in items browser.

Editor prjlines
The editors of the fields "Contact,Resource,Competitor" of the view tables PRJLINES on object PRJC have been updated.

Bug fixing

Trading parties branch in meetings
Trading parties branch hyperlink is now properly working in meetings.

Variations on Set Items and Document Conversion
The variations analysis (of an Item set) on a document conversion that does 'Auto analysis of Item set' is now functioning properly.

Document series access rights
Changes throught "Document series access rights" tool were not properly saved.

Default Browsers
Default Browsers were not properly working in some cases.

Problem converting document with many lines
An error occured in copy from buffer or conversion of documents with more than 1000 lines.

Cash flow analysis / Balance aging
Balance aging tab in cash flow analysis was not properly working.

Labels printed from Stock Documents
The error message "Access violation at address 076FFC3C in module 'FinDoc.bpl'.Read of address 00000000" would appear when printing labels that used the table 'Variation analysis - 2nd format', from the Items browser.

W/h in series
In some cases, the selection of warehouses in the series of sales and purchases was not properly working.

Items sales history
In some cases, sales history related job in items browser was not properly working.

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