Monday, October 16, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10939

Features added / modified

Inclusion value in fixed assets financial data
Credit notes are now displayed with negative Inclusion value in fixed assets financial data.

Bug fixing

Mass printing to e-mail
In some cases, the documents background image would not be printed properly when massively printing documents to e-mail.

Last sales price in foreign currency
Last sales price was not properly updated in documents with foreign currency.

Mass e-mail sending
A change has been made so the exceptions are better handled. The error for the specific customer is recorded, and the procedure continues. The fact that services as gmail could interrupt themselves mass e-mail sending, should be taken under account. This is why we recomend using small delay betwen e-mails.

Payments plan (wire transfers)
An error occured in"Payments plan (wire transfers)" job, when there were no upaid documents in suppliers or creditors.

Sales history
While initializing the job, a lot of unnecessary calls would happen to the database

Email alert
In some cases, emails were not activated through alert.

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