Monday, May 7, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11035

Features added / modified

Balances Aging in previous date than today
In the reports "Balances Aging" of the trading parties, the flag "Outstanding based on report date " has been added, where with the choice YES it prints the outstanding cheques based on the report date.

Cash Flow
If there is a payment term with a cheque in a sales document, a provision for the cheque's due date takes place in the cash flow.

User Copy
During the user copy, with Copy From Buffer, the
-Restricted/specific companies
-Document Series Access Rights
-Default Series
are copied in the new user, while the Attached Files/Comments are being excluded.

Meeting Arrangement from a participant
In the CRM's general parameters the parameter "Actions' Changes" has been added, where with the option "With the participants' actions" you can,also, change the meeting from the participants.

Customers' Trial Balance - Analytical
In the trading parties' "Trial Balance - Analytical", the filter "Companies" has been added.

Bug fixing

CRM Calls - inactive customers
If you remove the ",A" out of the editor of the trading party, it returns the active customers.

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