Thursday, November 8, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11124

Features added / modified

Sales Year Overview
In the "Sales Year Overview", the extra fields customer code and item code have been added.

Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis
In the "Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis", the extra fields, customer code and item code have been added.

Forecast calculations - Posting Date Limits
When calculating forecasts, when the user selects a date for which there is a date limit, the message "Employee X was not calculated because there is a Date limit up until 31/08/2018" appears.

Employees - Update from job position
When saving a job position in an employee, the message "Do you want to update skills, benefits and duties from the job position?" appears.

Bug fixing

Designed report with totals
In a designed report with user defined table, and columns where numeric results were running, the "Totals" didn't appear.

Filters in the question popup
In the Series 5 UI, and error that occurred when designing a form, when adding filters in the questions popup with recommended values, has been fixed.

Filter in advanced form
Fixed error occurred when printing with internal form (advanced) with custom numeric field in the MTRLINES.

Item search browser
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occurred when selecting items in documents, given that the item search browser had a Caption in CCC fields, has been fixed.

Browser and filtering
In stock management browser with images, the results didn't appear in once, during the filtering.

Automatic data import - Update from calendar
In the automatic data import the transfer of types of working time is executed based on the Start of the action.

Bonus Cards with discount value
In bonus cards with type of redemption 'From now on discount on the lines (Disc. 1 value)', if we selected firstly the card and then the items in the lines, the discount wasn't updated properly.

Browser filters appearance
In Series 5 UI, in case we selected the filters to appear in a report, only the 'FROM' appeared and not the 'TO'.

Counting of working time
The break duration reduces the ending of the working time by the corresponding minutes.

Stock control with warning message in client/server
In client/server environment, the warning message from the stock control didn't appear during the documents conversion.

Difference in the variation analysis in Coverage of Pending
An error that occurred when covering pending in item lines with variations has been fixed.

Filtering in the description in a browser with images
In some cases, the item's image didn't appear properly in a browser with images, at the filtering.

Fifo Open - Item Calculation in group of companies
In group of companies, the selection of a trading party wasn't possible, when running the Fifo Open - Item Calculation job and the log-in company wasn't the Parent Company.

Automatic suggestion of a SN in a sales document
The automatic suggestion of a serial number when converting a document did not happen, after a document's cancellation.

Error at the update actual data in budgeting
Fixed error occurred during the 'Update Actual Data' in Budgeting.

Variation Statement
In some cases, the items variation didn't appear properly, in the 'Variation Statement' report.

Evaluations - Models
The browser in the employees and seminars evaluation models is now appearing automatically.

Evaluation Models - Type
In the field 'Type' in the employees evaluation models, the value 'Seminars (3)' doesn't appear anymore.

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