Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11524

Features added / modified

Web accounts / Employees
During the web account activation/deactivation process, a message is displayed to indicate the selected employees for whom the task has been completed.

Assigned Invoices Payment / Suggest amount and pay-off date
In Assigned Invoices Payment (DocsPayment) job, the 'Suggest amount and pay-off date' is now available in Job field.

Working hours / New field
The field 'Split shift' has now been added to Working hours.
The field's value should be set to 'Yes' provided that the Hours table describes split working hours (2 different working hours on the same working day).

Update Employee Leave / Hourly leave
Upon running 'Update Employee Leave'( TRANSLEAVES) job the hours are transferred to Hourly leave tab.

HR Printout Forms / Seminar Cycle
In HR Printout Forms, the Seminar Cycle (SEMCYCLE) field is now available.

Contract transactions
Contract transactions are now available from doc header & lines.

Barcode / Code format
The 'Code format'(ITEPPRMS.SRSPFORM) (Stock Mgmt parameters>Barcode>Variation Barcodes) field has now been increased to accept 40 characters.

Service Folder / Project Timeline
The Service Folder is displayed in the Project Timeline, without the Spare Parts, Services or Actions being filled in.

Sales Other Parameters / New option
In Sales Other parameters, the 'Prohibition of negative & greater than transaction' (Retail Sales parameters>Check payable) is now available.

Accounting / Code - Alternative Code
The 'Code' and 'Alternative code' fields have now been increased to accept 30 characters.

Working Time Setup - Flexible/Modified per Day - Cancelled Actions
At 'Working Time Setup - Flexible/Modified per Day'(WTODAILY), the Actions marked 'Cancelled' are now properly displayed.

Bug fixing

Recalculate values and discount for the document / VAT
Under certain circumstances, when changing line in a document and while the user selected 'No' in the 'Recalculate values and discount for the document?', the VAT changed on doc lines.

Employee browser design /Absence
The Description column is now available upon Employee browser design (tab Absence>Type of Absence).

Employee browser design / Sickness
The Description column is now available upon Employee browser design (tab Sickness>Type of sickness).

Accounting based on Commercial / Cancel Update of Accounting Entries
Fixed the issue 'AcnUpdCancel1: Ole Error: 80004005. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression'. It occurred upon running the 'Cancel Update of Accounting Entries'(TempCancelGL) (Accounting based on Commercial) job.

Soft1 Portal / VAT job
On Windows 11 using /usewebview2 it was not possible to 'run' the automated 'VAT job' from Soft1 Portal.

Printout forms / Type
The Form type is now properly displayed in Printout forms Browser/List

Actions / Next step
In an existing Action, running the 'Next step' related job, suggests the initial Action's date is suggested as Start and End date.

Other transactions docs / Pay-off
Pay-off is now properly displayed in Other transactions docs (Customers /Debtors) through Related jobs.

Select SN / No check
Fixed theh issue 'access violation in findoc.bpl ' in Azure installations. It occurred upon selecting an Item monitored in SN (No check).

New Employee / Copy from buffer
Creating a new Employee entry usin Copy from buffer is now properly working.

Physical Inventory Documents / Technical code
The Technical code is now properly displayed at Physical inventory documents.

Doc Conversion /Triangular Transactions
Upon Doc Conversion, the trading party data (Triangular Transactions> Order from - Shipped to) are now transferred to the converted document

Speaker/Presenter hyperlink
The 'Speaker/Presenter' hyperlink is now properly working (HR & Payroll>Skills - Qualifications >Seminar Cycles).

Payroll period / Results
Fixed the issue regarding the correct payroll period display in Results.

Sales Docs / Composition/Decomposition
Fixed the issue 'Posting new entry not allowed. The SN code already exists. It occurred when creating saving a Sales document with automatic composition/decomposition of items monitored in Serial number.

Transfer leave from HR
The 'Transfer leave from HR' task preserves the days entered in the leave request and transfers this information to Payroll in the employee's tab.

Stock ledger design / Template
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 500600B6 in module 'rtl270.bpl'. Read of address FFFFFFC6'. It occurred upon Stock ledger design usin a saved Template.

Custom Administration / Add to Menu
Fixed the issue 'Access violation' wich occurred upon selecting 'Add to Menu'.

Sales Docs / Multiple SN selection
Under certain cisrcumstances, not all rows of the Serial number grid were updated upon multiple selection in a document.

Add URL / Embedded browser
When adding URL with Embedded browser the file could not be loaded. An update of the Add-ons is required.

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