Friday, January 27, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11526

Features added / modified

GUARANTY table / Fields size
In GUARANTY table (Guarantees):
Address' field has been increased to accept 100 characters.
'Name' field has been increased to accept 128 characters &
Name2 has been increased to accept 128 characters

Company Branches / email
The email is now avaialble at Company Branches.

Replace Existing File
In User Parameters 'Replace Existing File' option has now been added including the following values:
- No
- Yes (automatic)
- With question (Yes)
It applies to Related docs already saved/stored in the database.

Database Εxplorer/ F5
Running commands is now available by clicking F5 in Database Explorer.

Stock Management Parameters / New flag
In Stock Management Parameters, the 'Suggested W/h in intra-company transaction' flag is now available.

Inactive Pricing Policies
If a Pricing Policy is set to inactive then it is no longer applied.

*.jpeg image files
Uploading an image in *.jpeg format is now properly supported.

Scales / OPOS Driver
In CommonArea > Scales, S1DIGIDS.dll file is now available for Scale with OPOS Driver.

Bug fixing

Check dates overlap
In Employees Parameters the'Check dates overlap (HR)' parameter has now been added with values:
- No check
- Warning
- Prohibition
Default value: Prohibition.
Cancelled leaves are excluded.

Stock items / Increment per Variation
Stock items price (Retail / Wholesale) is now properly saved upon applying 'Increment per Variation'.

Working hours / Fields description
In Working hours, Days panel, the following are now properly displayed:
-Days off,
- Non-working days,
- Remote working days.

myWorkplace / Check out
Check out process can now be completed when it is performed after scheduled check out.

Group of Companies Schema / New Project
Fixed the issue 'String or binary data would be truncated' which occurred under certain circumstances upon creating/updating a New Project at a Group of Companies Schema /Model.

H.R & Payroll / Goals Detailed Description
In H.R & Payroll --> H.R --> Goals 'Detailed 'Description'(NAME1) column has now been added.

Doc Conversion / Lines Analysis
Docs conversion is now properly working when 'Lines Analysis' has been set in the Docs Browser.

Browser Fast report/ Dark Colour Scheme
In Browsers/ List, data are now properly displayed (Export settings: PDF) when using Fast Report.

Conversion / Credit card value
Upon Retail document conversion having credit card as payment method, values are now properly updated.

G/L Accounts - Multilingual Management
Translations are now available in G/L Accounts description.

2008 UI / Users Password
In 2008 UI, users authentication data are now properly displayed.

Employees / Dates format
Fixed the issue which occurred in Employees, after setting Dates format 'Tue 23/09/2003' (System settings).

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