Friday, March 10, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11528

Features added / modified

Group of Companies Schema/Pricing Policies
In Customers/Suppliers parameters, at 'Group of Companies - Pricing Policies' area, the 'Cross-company sharing' flag has now been added, which, when selected, enables the application of common pricing policies to group companies.
Note that the flag must be activated for all Group of Companies Schema it is not recommended to change it.

Related Employees/ New columns
At Employees--> Other data --> Related employees, the following columns are now available:
* Date of birth

List of Working hours/ New columns
At List of Working hours(WRKHOURS), the following columns are now available:
*Remote working days
*Day off

Coverage of pending - PACKCODE1 & PACKCODE2
When using 'Coverage of pending' job, on doc lines, the 'PACKCODE1' Box code and 'PACKCODE2' Palette code are now updated.

Employees List/Age
At Employees Browser/List the 'Age' column is now available.

Goals/Next code
In Goals, using the GETNEXTCODE=1 parameter upon New entry, the Next code is automatically filled in.

In Goals, Questions field is now mandatory.

H.R. Evaluation Models/Weight
In H.R. Evaluation Models, the 'Weight' column is now available.

Service Folders / Send to Customer
In Service Folders, the user can now create Documents per Customer using the 'Send to Customer' job.

Geographical Zone/Abbreviation
At Geographical Zone selector, Abbreviation field has now been added.

Variation Trial Balance / Brand
In Variation Trial Balance(MAT_BALCDIM) report, 'Brand' filter is now available.

Doc Types (Wire Transfers)/Modify in a different fiscal year
In Doc Types (Wire Transfers), the 'Modify in a different fiscal year' field is now available.

CRM Parameters/Reminder to next step
In CRM Parameters, the 'Reminder to next step' is now available. If the respective field is selected in an action, it is transferred to the new one.

Other Transaction Document / Comment 2
Upon automatic payoff of an Other Transaction Document, Comment 2 is transferred too.

Summary Trial Balance - Trading party acctg. cat
In 'Summary Trial Balance' Report(TRD_BAL) 'Trading party acctg. cat' column has now available.

Payments Plan (wire transfers)
On the Wire transfers docs created through the 'Payments Plan (wire transfers)'(BfnSupDebPayments) job, the Project, the Business unit and Contract are now transferred from the original documents.

G/L account transactions/New column
At 'G/L account transactions' related job (Tax & Acctg. base) the 'Comment' column is now available.

Bug fixing

Fixed assets / Undepreciated value
Undepreciated value of fixed asset which was fully depreciated and sold in future fiscal year, is now properly displayed.

Stock Statistics / Intra-company transactions
In Stock Statistics(VITESTATS), Branch is now properly displayed in
Intra-company transactions docs.

Consumption Notes - Quantities
When using the 'To production document' job, to create production documents, the quantities based on BOM are now properly calculated taking into consideration the consumptions made previously.

Leave days Types/ Action carrier
In Leave days Types--> Approval Data area, if the user selects any other option than 'Employee' in the Action carrier column, the user is now allowed to select Employee.

Attach to message
In Documents, upon clicking on 'Attach to message' only the selected values are filled in now, not the previous ones.

Cyprus SEPA file
Fixed the issue 'Field 'MULTIFILES' not found' which occurred upon creating SEPA file for Cyprus bank.

Employee Goals / New columns
In Employees ->Benefits/Tasks/Goals->Goals tab the following columns are now available:

Cyprus Localization
The correct VAT rate is now proposed in the Sales Order lines, based on the Country Coefficient (Cyprus Localization).

Users & Rights/Reports - run (right to print to draft or image printers)
At Users Core operations, the 'Reports - run (right to print to draft or image printers)' is now available.

Agreement Price per Color/Size
Upon searching Items in Documents using the Alternative code and Agreement Price per Color/Size, the Agreement Price is now properly filled in.

Group of Companies Schema - Inventory Control
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, the 'Inventory Control' is now properly working, upon saving Document.

Group of Companies Schema/Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'MTRSEASON''. It occurred at a Group of Companies Schema/Model upon running 'Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)(MtrZeroNatBalance)' job using Season filter.

Series 2008 UI Next & Previous record
In Series 2008 UI when updating a record, 'Next' & 'Previous record' options are now properly working.

Doc conversion/Items monitored in SN
Upon Doc conversion, proper check is now performed on items monitored in SN having Yes (Mandatory).

Salesperson Performance Report - Filters
In CRM -> Sales -> Reports -> Salesperson Performance Report(DSBSALESMANPERFORM), proper filtering is now performed based on Salespersons' description.

Cancel transaction - ENG Login
'Cancel transaction' job is now properly displayed in Documents browsers, upon selecting ENG to login in Greek & CY installations.

Documents/ Quantity configuration
The Quantity configuration set at Document Types, is now properly working.

Coverage of Pending/ No lot
The Coverage of Pending Type is now properly working if there is no Lot on Coverage doc lines.

Purchase Order Plan/Item variations
Upon running the 'Purchase Order Plan'(DRESTPUR) job, the item variations are now properly analyzed in the generated Documents.

Non-approved Doc / Serial Number
In non-approved Document, SN Item transaction is longer performed.

Service Folders /Projects
Upon sending Service Folders to Customers, Projects are now correctly transferred to the doc lines.

Costing Folders/Expenses Value
The Expenses value is now correctly displayed in the Costing Folder List/Browser, in case an Other Transaction was linked to more than one folder.

Doc lines/Balance per W/h
Fixed issue that occurred in some cases when selecting 'Balance per W/h.' on the Doc lines.

Oracle DB/Create web account
Fixed the issue 'ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected'. It occurred on oracle database when creating or modifying a web account.

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