Thursday, March 30, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11529

Features added / modified

Check in-Check out / New fields
In Check in-Check out -> Other data the following fields are now available:

Check in-Check out / Show on map
When right-clicking on Check in-Check out, 'Show on map' option is now available.

Stock Items - Customers - Suppliers Related Jobs / UoM(P)
UoM has been added to:
-Stock Items Pending Purchase & Sales Orders
-Pending Quotations & Orders
-Pending Customers & Suppliers Notes
UoM(P) has been added to:
-Pending Quotations & Orders
-Pending Customers & Suppliers Notes

Actions and Leaves Limits
Actions and Leaves Limits are now available. The date after which no deletions or modifications are allowed, is saved in Parameters menu -> HR & Payroll -> Date Limit. When trying to modify or delete specific Action or Leave for a blocked date, the following message appears 'Date range in between blocked dates (Date Limits)'.

Check in / Location log file
Since Location's display and log file has been activated in myWorkplace, 'Latitude' & 'Longitude' fields are available in Check in-Check out -> Other data.
Also, when right clicking on 'Show on map' the respective location is displayed.

Customer Timeline / Branch
Trading Party's Branch is now available in Timeline's filters.

Item code / Increase characters
In Stock Items -> Trade -> Purchase prices per supplier 'Item code' field has now been increased to accept 50 characters.

Check in-Check out / Inserted by
In Check in-Check out -> Other data 'Inserted by' field is now available.

Crystal reports / New buttons
In Crystal reports the following options are now available with right-click:
-Export to PDF

Batch - Employee modification data
In Batch Modification of Period Data (MASSPRDVALCHANGE) when selecting an Employee and clicking on Modify period data, Employee's modification data appears in a new window.

Alternative Packaging / Characters
The size of 'Alternative Packaging' field (MTRPACK) has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Create SEPA file / Οptima Bank
In available Banks and 'Create SEPA file', Optima Bank is now available.

Purchase Documents / Create Agreements
You can now update Agreements in Purchase Documents including Items with a 'Warranty' Type.

Office365 / Import emails
Import emails from Microsoft 365 accounts is now supported by Office365.

Statements per Business Unit / Claims
In Statements per Business Unit Report (CUST_STM_BU_NEW), Claims column is now available in Browser design.

Trading Parties' Stock
The following functions that indicate Trading Parties' Stock of specific business unit have been implemented:
-CusBalanceBU (Customers)
-SupBalanceBU (Suppliers)
-CreBalanceBU (Creditors)
-DebBalanceBU (Debtors)

Transfer Reminder in Repeat Action
Upon clicking on Repeat Action, the Reminder of the Initial one is now being transferred.

Balance control per Lot
Since Special Lot control has been activated in Document Types, Lot code is now displayed in Balance check relevant message.

Contact selection / More than one Trading Party
Upon selecting a Contact that belongs to more than one Trading Party. e.g. in a call and then selecting a Customer, the selector now displays the Customers associated to that Contact.

Search code / Characters
The 'Search code' (SCODE) field has now been increased to accept 50 characters, in MTRLINES table.

Documents / Βusiness Unit
Upon editing Documents, Business unit is now being transferred.

Organizational units / Working hours
In Organizational units multiple selection of Working hours is now available.

Users Parameters / html editor
'Default font html editor' & 'Default size html editor' Parameters are now available in User & Rights -> Parameters.

E-mail account parameter / XSendWebSMS
Parameter with Webaccount for command 'XSendWebSMS ' X.CALLPUBLISHE ('SysRequest.XSendWebSMS', '6999999999', 'SMS from web service',0,0,100); is now available.

Bug fixing

Outlook 365 Accounts / Email import
New job has been created to import Emails from Outlook 365 Accounts.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production
The Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production job is now properly working.

CRM General Actions / Operator availability
Operator availability is now properly working in CRM General Actions.

CRM Calls / Trading Parties' Prof. category
In Calls Browser of CRM Trading Parties' Prof. category is now properly displayed.

executeReport / PDF Orientation report
Fixed the issue in Report's orientation exported in PDF when using executeReport.

Transfer Purchase document to Sales
Fixed the issue which occurred upon transferring Purchase Document to Sales.

Sales opportunities / Copy & cancel Quotation
Fixed the error 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 514428B2 in module 'dbrtl270.bpl'. Read of address 00000040 Error type: EAccessViolation' which occurred upon copying or cancelling a Quotation through Sales opportunities.

Retail Pro / Gift Receipt
In Retail Pro a button with Available Gift Receipt is now available in POS Display.

Double check-in action
The 'Attention! You cannot enter a double check-in action' message is now displayed when the previous Check-in is in Submitted status.

CRM Tasks / Soft1 Map
The Soft1 Map upon selecting 'Show on map' related job is now properly working in CRM Tasks Browser/List.

New lot code / Characters
The 'New lot code' field (CRLOTCODE) has now been increased to accept 50 characters (in Doc lines).

Production documents / Serial Number
Fixed the issue in creating Serial Number from Production documents.

myERGANI Live / Keep track of working time
Only actions with 'Submitted' status are now displayed in:
-Keep track of working time
-ERGANI Monitor

Submit Forms / URL image
In 'Submit Forms' with 'Embedded browser' selection, upload URL image is now applied. Soft1 Add-ons update is required.

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