Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11125

Features added / modified

Purchase orders per Supplier
In the "Purchase orders per Supplier" report, the filter "value" has been added, in the same way as the "Sales orders per Supplier" report.

Outlook connector - Sales leads
When right-clicking an email, the sales lead now opens, and the email import to Soft1 is simultaneously executed, along with its connection to the corresponding sales lead, by choosing: Soft1CRM / follow up / opportunity and archive. In addition, through the Outlook connector, the option to connect an email with a sales lead is provided.

Open - Design Documents in accounting entries check
In the Accounting updates / Accounting based on Commercial, in the modules of the accounting entries check, the trading parties' reconciliations module has been added.

Accounting report (grouping)
In the "Accounting report", grouping is done by code and description of the type.

Bug fixing

Import of an existing file
When importing the same file to the documents of a module, a warning message appears, stating that the file already exists.

Defining user access rights from the menu and user access rights
After defining user access rights in a printout from the menu, the new access rights did not appear in the "User access rights".

Browsers with transaction analysis
In the Series 5 UI, in a browser expanded by the transactions, the document did not open from the transactions grid.

Other transactions design (Series 5 UI)
In the Series 5 UI, the correct layout of the fields did not appear, when designing an Other Transactions form.

Customer transactions as a menu job
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occurred in the customers' transactions, with the parameter "Master - Detail tree view" selected, has been fixed.

Browser ordering in excel (Series 5 UI)
In the Series 5 UI, browser ordering was not done correctly, when printing a grouped browser in excel.

Nominal value/customs in a supplier's branch outside of the EU
In purchase documents' lines, the country of the supplier's branch was not taken into account, when calculating the nominal value.

Copy from buffer in a contact
An error that occurred when copying a contact from buffer, has been fixed.

Unbalanced entry after an automatic coverage of pending
An error that occurred when automatically covering pending items in a document with document discount and an accounting link, has been fixed.

Accounting characterization (MTRTYPE1) as a filter
In a debit/credit categories browser, the filter "Accounting characterization" did not return any results.

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