Monday, November 26, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11127

Features added / modified

DB Date in history changes
Time has been added in field "DB Date" in history changes.

MTRCATEGORY in purchase lines
The field 'MTRCATEGORY' has been added in purchase documents lines.

Purchase order plan
'Business Unit' filter has been added in the 'Purchase order plan' job, in purchases unit.

Production orders and lots
When transferring a sales order to production order, the items lot are now on being transferred too.

Expenses Documents templates
In expenses documents templates, the "calculation type" has been added.

Bug fixing

"Home" button functionality
In the Series 5 UI, when clicking the "Home" button in a grid two times, the cursor did not go to the first column on the second click.

Form design in the Installations module
An error that occurred, when designing a form in the "Installations" module has been fixed.

Access rights in the Core operations
When pasting from clipboard in the Core operations of the users, the entire copied list of the access rights was not pasted.

Expenses in a purchase document with a supplier in foreign currency
In a purchase document, with a supplier who transacts in a different currency than the company's currency, in the case that expenses with a negative value were added, the VAT value of the expenses was not displayed.

Pricing policies
In a pricing policy that scales by quantity, empty containers and gifts, the quantity of the gift was not updated correctly in the document's lines.

Required column fields
An error that occurred when selecting a document series with a columns design that contained required fields, has been fixed.

A manual value could not be set in the field "Code, CMPCODE", in calls and meetings in the CRM module.

Branch Name in group of companies
In group of companies, in case of a common id of a company's branch to those of the parent company, the function BranchName returned the description of the parent's company branch.

Production documents from Notes
When executing the gob "Create Production Documents based on Consumption/Production Notes", the units in production documents didn't update properly, when the costing element's calculation method was "Proportional to quantity".

Payment and Payment Terms
Wrong payment date appeared,in document saving, in payment terms, where the calculation method was "Based on Settlement Analysis".

Redirection from reports
In some cases redirection in documents didn't work, although the parameter "Redirection to active jobs" was enabled.

F1 (Soft1 Help)
Fixed error at key F1 (Soft1 Help), in Series 5 UI.

Accounting budgeting
The accounting budgeting information was not displayed correctly, when the group had been selected as the first dimension.

Fixed error in function CusAgedRemain : the optional parameters didn't work properly.

Soft1 Hyperlinks Right
In Series 5 UI, the user's right "Soft1 hyperlinks:right to use" didn't work properly.

Grouping in documents editing (group of companies)
In some cases the grouping didn't appear, when editing documents.

Custom selector limit
In memory tables, there is no longer any option restriction in using filter "in".

Keyboard shortcuts of relative jobs
In Series 5 UI, the 'Relative unit jobs' are now working properly by setting a keyboard shortcut.

Quantity decimals in reports
In some reports, the quantity decimals didn't appear properly, in company other than the standard one.

FIFO open-item with a contract
In the FIFO open-items calculation job, the filter "Exclude documents included in Contracts" did not work properly.

Consumption Requirements from Production Orders
In the "Consumption Requirements from Production Orders" production report, when designing the report, and creating a local field with the ITEM.RESTQTY field, no results appeared if the option "take into consideration" was not selected.

Workstation copy
Fixed error occurred when coping from buffer a workstation.

Cash transaction from a cheque
An error that occurred in an Oracle database when selecting "Cash transaction" (with a right click) from a cheque, has been fixed.

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