Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11106

Features added / modified

SN Journal
In the "SN Journal" printout, sorting now takes place based on the date and the document.

Conversions History by document's date
In the conversion history grid, thw sorting is now on based on the date, document and description.

Using accounting series in the Production parameters
In the Production parameters, the accounting module can be selected and as a result, the series with which the accounting entries from the production's account-based costing can be selected.

Payroll Report per Period
The filter "Grouping by Name" has been added in the Payroll Report per Period.

Horizontal Analysis
At the browser's designing there is now the ability for an horizontal analysis of the local fields to be done.

Advanced forms in PDF file
A dialogue has been added (Toolbars - Views / Export setting) for the definition of more than 2 parameters in a form that affect the export to PDF. The one refers to whether the fonts will be included in the PDF (Embedded fonts) and has as default vallue 'YES', and the other one refers to the quality of a JPEG that will be included with 70 as default value.

Sales Report per VAT Category/Analytical - Self-Delivery Documents
In the "Sales Report per VAT Category - Analytical" from the sales module, the Subject and VAT values of documents with behavior "self-delivery", are now printed.

Production orders printouts - analytical per order
In the production orders, the printouts "Requirements per Production order" and "Consumption Requirements from Production Orders (Semi-finished Analysis)" were added.

Credit Controls - number of documents
In the credit controls' rules, the expression term "Number of unpaid documents (OPNFINCNT)", that calculates the trading party's number of unpaid documents, has been added.

Self-delivery cost in the Stock Ledger
The column "Self-Delivery Cost" in the Stock Ledger, is now calculated based on the price of the last month, for all of the cost prices.

Bug fixing

Incomplete text in a form
In fast report forms, in some cases, the text was not printed completely.

Deletion of items with empty containers
In some cases, the deletion of line with item with empty containers, couln't occur in documents.

Fast Report Labels in a docoment
In a fast report label, by setting the table MTRLINES as MasterData, when printing lots of documents, in the SALDOC data were printed only those of the last document.

Customer Import with accounting category
In a company with Bulgarian Country Standards, in the accounting categories, it was not possible to add a value in the "KEPYO Status" field. The field does no longer appear.

Designed report with date sorting
In a designed report, there wasn't a correct sorting by using a Date local field.

Drag and drop of a table
In Series 5 UI, there was not a table drag and drop.

Grid printing with filters
In Series 5 UI, during the excel export of a filtered grid, all the fields were printed.

Logo printing in a sales printout form
In Series 5 UI, in some cases, the logo was not printed in a sales form.

Browser printing in PDF - New UI
In the Series 5 UI, when printing a browser in PDF, the column width was not taken into consideration correctly.

SN balance per W/H
In the "SN balance per W/H" printout, the status of the latest submission date did not appear correctly.

Payment with card
An error that occured in Retail Sales Documents, when choosing "Payment with card", has been corrected.

SN selection with a change in the W/H
In a sales document, in case the customer was selected first, and then the document's W/H was changed, when selecting a SN in the document line, the original W/H appeared in the filters.

Setting access rights to a folder
In the Series 5 UI, setting access rights to a menu folder has been fixed.

Browser's Column size in PDF
In Series 5 UI, during the printing to PDF from a browser, the size of the columns was not printed properly.

Copy Document with pay-off
An error that occured at the copy from buffer, in a purchase document with a payment document simultaneous creation, in different branch, has been corrected.

Credit card cash account
An error that occured when adding a credit card cash account in a new cash register has been fixed.

Contract search from customer
In Actions, from CRM module, the contract search is now based on Customer contract.

Shipment and Payment in Retail from Advance Payment
When choosing "Advance Payment / Order " of retail documents through Jobs, the fields "Payment" and "Shipment" were not updated.

Timeline and SQL 2008 R2
An error that occured in the actions timeline, in SQL 2008 R2, has been fixed.

Company View
An error that occured when "running" the Company View has been fixed.

Calculation of self-delivery cost in the stock ledger
The column "Self-Delivery Cost" in the Stock Ledger, is now calculated based on the last month's price, when the valuation method is "Annual weighted avg. price".

Data flow scenarios in the Business Process - Translation
Internal Update: In the Business Process design, when it comes to data flow scenarios, it is not being translated.

Encrypted Name
During the conversion of a sales document into a purchase document by a user that has restricted access, the supplier's name was encrypted.

Outstanding purchase orders
The Outstanding purchase orders, in items' jobs, are now printing the pendings based on delivery date of the documents' line.

GDPR and user access rights
In a user with limited access, in trading parties' browsers, the filters "Name" and "T.R.No." did not appear.

Cost Price Calculation
At an installation with windows authentication connection to sql, the job "Cost Price Calculation" couldn't be executed.

Balance Difference per W/h and Stock Ledger
In some cases, the cost balance in the report "Stock Balances per W/h", didn't correspond to that of the "Stock Ledger".

Expected/Reserved stock items
The default browser for stock items "Expected/Reserved" did not return the correct results.

Export browser in excel
In a user with limited access, when exporting a browser in excel, all the data of the browser appeared encrypted.

S1 designer
In S1 designer during the script addendum in a custom object, the changes weren't saving in this object.

Theme with the automatic lot proposal when we have different W/h in the lines
During the conversion of a document with lots, in some cases when the line's W/h was different from that of the document's W/h, a wrong lot proposal was occured.

Scheduler in NUI
In the Series 5 UI, the "Scheduler" has been added in the tools menu / System / Tools.

Line Deletion
In Series 5 UI, the line deletion couln't be done from the relative icon.

Sorting in a browser with a local field
The sorting in a local field was not working properly, when designing a browser.

Folder closing
An error that occured at the costing folder closing in different month, has been occured.

Lots and FIFO consumption mode
An error that occured during the saving of a document with lots with FIFO consumption mode, has been corrected.

Purchase orders of items in shortage
In some cases, in the "Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage" job, in case the Warehouse was submitted in the order details, the quantity of the items to order was calculated incorrectly.

Active Browser Search
An error that occured in a browser with a master-detail trre view, during the Active Browser Search has been corrected.

Item Transactions
In series 5 UI an error that occured at the item's opening from the browser, with the default screen form "Item transactions", has been corrected.

Entry selection with active browser
When searching at a browser through active browser, the line locate did not occur.

Conversion History, QC Test
In Series 5 UI, an error that occured when selecting "Conversion History" in the document's Jobs, has been corrected.

Collections Journals
An error that occured in the "Collections Journals", when using the Commercial Category as a filter has been fixed.

Error in the inventory statistics in the Mbussunits field
Internal Update: The was an error in the inventory statistics in the Mbussunits field.

Marketing campaigns
An error that occured when inserting a "marketing campaign" entry has been fixed.

Browser with Master - detail
In the Series 5 UI, a browser that did not have the Master - Detail tree view could not be printed.

Trading Party Module in Tasks
The "entity" is now on active in Tasks.

Stock Opening Balances in Group of Companies
In a group of companies, the stock opening balance could not be edited.

Creation of a web service
An error that occured when creating a new "Web Service" has been fixed.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11103

Features added / modified

Services similar lines
The ability to pack similar lines in documents that include services was added.

Cheque number
The cheque number has been added as a filter in the default cheque printouts (reports).

Purchase price in documents
In the "Update sales prices" job, the column "Last purchase price" was added, through the related jobs of the purchase documents.

Attach files in the geographical points
The ability to attach files in the Geographical Points has been added.

Stock Item description
The size of the Field "Description" was increased from 64 to 128 characters.

Production - Credit note from subcontract
The "Production cost (subcontracted)" related job in the trading parties' other documents, updates the cost elements correctly when a credit note is submitted.

Customer Warning in CRM
The warning message that will be submitted in the trading party's tab (field WARNING) will appear in a CRM action when selecting the trading party.

Default browsers per user group
The default windows when it comes to the default browsers and searches, has been rearranged in two Tabs (Default groups and default users), in the new Series 5.

In the MTRSUPPRCS table (information per supplier) the size of the field "WEBPAGE" has been increased to 128 characters.

Not processed production from a production order
In the production parameters, the suggested series and the stage of production were added for the creation of production documents from production orders.

Extra fields in columns design
In documents' columns design, the ability to use user-defined fields from the stock management module has been added.

Related documents in bills of materials
The ability to attach related documents in the bill of materials was added.

Import documents with an xxf file and contracts
When importing documents with an xxf file, the data of contracts are also transferred.

Production orders printouts
In the "Consumption Requirements from Production Orders" report in the production module, the filter "outstanding based on" was added, which includes the values:
1. "Outstanding production orders"
2. "Outstanding production orders + not processed production documents".

Numeric Functions in a grid
An option ,for Total Views in numeric fields , "f" (Average, Count, Min/ Max, Sum) has been added in grids. The totals are shown for the lines that are selected by the user.

SN Tab and SN Journal
In the "SN card & SN Journal" reports, the filters "customer" and "supplier" have been added.

Factory code in negative stock balances
In the "Negative stock balances" & "Negative stock balances per item variation" reports in the stock items module, the factory code has been added as a filter.

Address filling with ZIP selection
When insert a new trading party, in case where the fields Address, City and Prefecture are fullfilled, while selecting a Zip, these fields don't change.

Bug fixing

Open browser with a field filter in a browser
In the Series 5 UI, when selecting a filter by double clicking in the browser, in the field that is to be altered with the open browser, the filter was not taken into consideration.

General actions and duration calculation
The field "duration" was not calculated correctly in the CRM General actions.

Delivery Copy (Copy from buffer)
An error that occured at the copy from buffer of a document with expenses, has been corrected.

Filter in a browser column
In the Series 5 UI, given that a column has been set as a filter, the prices that appeared in a second filter concerned the entire dataset and not the filtered one.

Grouping Senarios with numeric amounts
In some cases, at browsers-reports with grouping senarios with numeric amounts, the results didn't come up right.

Filters and grouping in a browser - New Interface
In Series 5 UI the results don't come up properly, when setting a filter in a browser's column and then grouping.

Expenses in a document
The 4th expense was not calculated in sales documents.

Line discount alteration when inserting serial numbers
In a submitted sales order, when inserting SN, the pricing policies were implemented anew, resulting in an alteration of the existing prices and discounts of the document lines.

Similar Lines - Prohibition in the Type
An error that occured, if the choice "Prohibition" in the field of similar lines was chosen in a document's Type , has been fixed.

ABC Model in document's lines
At document's Activity Based Costing Analysis, the available models don't appear.

Automatic pre-selection from the browser design
In the series 5 UI, the automatic pre-selection from the browser design was not implemented.

S1 designer
In S1 designer, in locked with password objects, during "Cancel" at the password choice, an error used to occur.

Timeline in Sales Opportunities
An error that occured in Sales Opportunities Timeline, in oracle database, has been corrected.

Model Allocation Data
An error occured during the allocation data changing, in ABC Dimension Models, has been fixed.

Customers Other Transaction
In client / server connection, in case of "Reversal" of an other transaction document, saved in previous year, the message "Date exceeds allowed range" is displayed in the current year.

Meeting Form
Text 5 was displayed as Text 01, in the free fields of the meeting default form.

GetOpenFinDocs function
The implementation of the function "GetOpenFinDocs" has changed and now on the first definition must be the company.
e.g.: Ds=CallPublished('FinIdxFunc.GetOpenFinDocs', VarArray(:x.sys.company,customer.trdr,0,:x.sys.logindate,0=1, 4));

Production Orders
At a production document creation from orders, the upcoming documents weren't as much as the items that participated in the order.

BOM selection at a production document
The BOMs are not filtered right, at a repeated saving of production documents.

Imports-exports folders
In Series 5 UI, an error that occured when choosing an import or export folder, has been fixed.

Cost Data
In Series 5 UI, an error that occured during the change of cost data by right clicking at the document's line / cost data, has been fixed.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11038

Features added / modified

The “Check Files” filter was removed from the “Variables Update” batch job (AcntInitDataXdt).

Field search in printout forms
Searching for fields in printout forms has been added in the new UI.

ACNDOCS.CYP.INI is updated by Soft1 Add-ons, (CY localization)

Intrastat and Self-Deliveries
In intrastat reports, documents with "self-delivery" behavior are included, given that the intrastat has been calculated in the International Transactions tab.

Intrastat Date
During the calculation of the intrastat (International transactions), given that the intrastat date is not filled out, it is updated with the date of the document.

Internal Update: The Browsers' "Routing" has been removed, as it runs via Google Maps.

Reminder Columns
The reminder columns, are adjusted according to their definition, in the general parameters of the CRM module.

Default cash account in the reversal of a retail sales document
During the reversal of a retail sales document, the cash account of the initial document is now on default.

Bug fixing

Office 365 : Automated saving - deletion
In the Office 365 parameters, when the "Automated saving - deletion" is being selected, the relative object is being updated during the change.

Analysis - Remodeling Accounting Entries
After the accounting entries analysis into cost accounting entries or its remodeling, the field's analysis was not appeared on its selection.

Database connection information
The database connection information will appear with a mouse over the appropriate image, in the new UI.

Documents' report - Analytically & Grouping
During the log-in with the english language in a grouped browser, the report in excel used to appear the data analytically and not in a grouping way.

Necessary xad files
The lib.xad file appears in the addons of a company with Cyprus specifications.

Credit note rule
An error that occured during the calculation of credit notes, given that there was a formula with the customer branch of the document, has been fixed.

Select Contract
In the contracts' default browser, the name of the contarct has been added.

Search in Document Lines
In stand alone & client server installations, a search is made in the document lines, after the character that has been selected in the System Settings (..minimum characters needed for the search...), while in Azure installations it happens after the 3rd character.

Stock item search in document lines (New UI)
When searching stock items in document lines (without *), and given that the backspace key had been selected, all the characters that were typed in the search selector were deleted.

Sales Credit Notes per Branch
During the calculation of Sales Credit Notes, credit notes pes trading party branch were not created.

Field with editor $Y
Fields with editor $Y that take the values Yes/No, the value "No" appeared, not a blank when it was null.

Cheques Functions
The functions (CusChequeBalance, SupChequeBalance, CreChequeBalance, DebChequeBalance, BnkChequeBalance) did not take into consideration the parameter of the cheque category.

User access rights - inactive users
In the User access rights (TJobsSelector) the "Users" filter did not filter the inactive users.

Browser with a second module
If the "Master-Detail tree view" option was not activated, during the selection of a browser with a second module, in case a switch to a browser with expansion was made, the expansion appeared with null values.

Budgeting Results with pivot table
An error that appeared in the budgeting results in pivot analysis, has been corrected.

Cost Price revaluation on Documents
During the procedure of the cost price revaluation on composition documents, from the cost price calculation, the value that was calculated in the composition documents, was not based on the cost price on the decimals that were default, but won the cost price rounded up in two decimals.

Outlook Connector
An error that occured in the Outlook connector, during the synchronisation of records in Soft1 has been fixed.

Browser with 2 modules
In the new UI, when the "Master-Detail tree view" setting is not activated, in a browser with a second module, a resize could not be made in the second module.

Inactive users for off-line
In the old UI, in the off-line parameters of an installation, in the branch synchronisation manager, the inactive users appeared.

Update initial data in budgeting
The error that appeared during the update of the initial data in the budgeting, has been corrected.

Warning for the expiry of a set
The "warning" was not working, in a document with a set that had expired.

Name of Cash Accounts in documents
In a group of companies, in a cash account transaction, in companies apart from the main company, the name of the cash account did not appear, neither in the header, nor in the document lines.

Browser design
In the Series 5 UI, and error that occured during the design of a browser under special circumstances, has been fixed.

Conversions history
The field "Conversion" was not updated correctly in the conversions history.

Number of copies in advanced labels
In an advanced label printout form, if a value is not given in the "Condition for Printing - Repetition", it is updated with a value of '1'.

Employees printout form
In an employee printout form that has been designed in the Fast Reports tool, the value of the payroll elements of the current period was not updated correctly.

Stock balances per item variations
In the Stock balances per item variations report, the quantities appeared incorrectly in items with inactive variations.

Reports (G.A.S & I.A.S) - Open Year Balances
In the Open Year Balances from the Reports (G.A.S & I.A.S), the account balance was not displayed correctly, given that the "Accounts with zero op.balance" flag was selected, and the accounts had a balance.

Project records
In an installation with a group of companies, the project transactions in companies apart from the main company were not displayed.

Stock Balance per Item variation in the 2nd unit of measurement
The stock balance of the 2nd unit of measurement was not updated correctly, in the analysis of the variations, in the financial data of the stock items, in stock items with item variations.

Re-issue by cancelling with reversal from the retail circuit
During the "Re-issue by cancelling with reversal" of retail sales document, with a simultaneous saving of an invoice-delivery note, the cash return document was not created for the the cancelling retail receipt.

Contracts Time line
In the contracts time line (via the related jobs), wrong field names were displayed.

Columns design in physical inventory
In the physical inventory documents, the columns design that was selected in the type was not displayed.

Update Stock Limits
An error that appeared in the Update Stock Limits job when the main supplier was selected as a filter has been fixed.

Balances Aging
The error that appeared in the balances' aging report has been corrected.

Calendars did not appear in the Office365 parameters.

Fixed asset's financial data
An error that used to occur in the financial data of a fixed asset, after Depreciations' destruction and calculation, has been corrected.

Advanced Open Designed Reports
An error occured in the Advanced Open Designed Reports.

Custom fields in columns during the conversion
A wrong behavior, in the conversion of documents with column design, has been corrected.

YEKA files - Employees' status - Date of Announcement
In the employees' status [E4.xml] the field "Date of Announcement" is completed only from the field "OAED Announcemnt" in the employee's tab.

Consumption Requirements from Orders - Analytical
In the report "Consumption requirements from orders(analytical)", in case that a combination of characteristcs in the bill of materials has not been default, the requirements of the outgoing were not based in the proportion that was default in the bill of material's quantities, but one by one with the produced ones.

Print with photo and AUTOEXEC=1 in the new interface
In Series 5 UI an error used to occur in the print "Run" of a default browser, screen and photo.

Pricing Policies Rules Data
In the Series 5 UI an error that occured in the next/previous record in the pricing policies rules data, has been corrected.

Contact in group of companies
In group of companies, a contract could not be created in a company except for the central one.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11035

Features added / modified

Balances Aging in previous date than today
In the reports "Balances Aging" of the trading parties, the flag "Outstanding based on report date " has been added, where with the choice YES it prints the outstanding cheques based on the report date.

Cash Flow
If there is a payment term with a cheque in a sales document, a provision for the cheque's due date takes place in the cash flow.

User Copy
During the user copy, with Copy From Buffer, the
-Restricted/specific companies
-Document Series Access Rights
-Default Series
are copied in the new user, while the Attached Files/Comments are being excluded.

Meeting Arrangement from a participant
In the CRM's general parameters the parameter "Actions' Changes" has been added, where with the option "With the participants' actions" you can,also, change the meeting from the participants.

Customers' Trial Balance - Analytical
In the trading parties' "Trial Balance - Analytical", the filter "Companies" has been added.

Bug fixing

CRM Calls - inactive customers
If you remove the ",A" out of the editor of the trading party, it returns the active customers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11034

Features added / modified

Automatic creation of document series
The ability to automatically create new document series for branches has been added. The job is available from the Parameters menu, in Companies, with the name "Copy Doc. Series to Branches" (COPYSERIES)

Project market transaction
In the Project market transaction job, transactions from the stock management documents have been added.

Width of the column "Trading party branch"
The width of the column "Trading Party Branch" has been adjusted, in the trading party transactions.

Cash Flow
In the cash flow Analysis a new statement has been added named "Cheques", capturing receivable-payable ones and bank.

Items' selector Input in the stock management's documents
In the module of the Stock Management's Documents, the button "Input" has been added during the selector's opening.

Suppliers Reconciliations in report filter
In the filter "types" of the "Statement in Transaction Currency" report, the types of the Suppliers Reconciliations have been added.

Bug fixing

Pending sales/purchase orders
Pending purchase/sales orders from an item's related jobs, are now filtered correctly.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11033

Features added / modified

Ascii import in Azure
Ascii imports are now available in clinet/server and azure enviroments.

CRM follow up series
Flag "Only by parameters"
has been added in the CRM parameters per user, in order to determine the follow up series.

Purchase/Sales history
Flag "Quotation-Orders" has been set as 'Yes" in the Purchase/Sales history of the items.

Field's read state
SetProperty function can modify the read state of the field. ex. SetProperty(XModule,'FIELD','SALDOC.CCCFXDINOS','READONLY','TRUE').

Cheques selector filter
Searching with cheques' value is now available in the new UI.

Active browser
New parameters has been added in the genereal settings regarding the maintenance of active browser filters.

Conversion history
Trading partners' description has been added in the conversion history.

Bins in production documents
W/h bins are now available in the production documents.

Default w/h and storage bins
Production documents has been added as a module in the default w/h and storage bins of the items.

Bug fixing

Open item cover with commands
Open item cover was not properly working using function X.CALLPUBLISHED('ProgLibIntf.ModuleCommand', X.MODULE, 1035,'...')

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11030

Features added / modified

Points calculation
"Points calculation" has been added in the sales documents, in order to calculate the clients' points that are going to occur.

Accounting Journals
In the User Defined Journals and the Accounting Journals, the filter "branch" has been added in order to show the balance per branch.

Sales document conversion and filing
Automatic filing in documents that have been created through the "Sales document conversion" job is now implemented.

Bonus Cards
In the "Card Rules" job under the Bonus Cards section, a parameter for the VAT value has been added in the Scaling field.

Services Folder Columns Design
The ability to add number and date fields in the Services Folders columns design has been added.

Exchange rate difference
When the company’s currency is different from the transaction currency, then the exchange rate difference also appears in the trading party’s currency. This happens when the trading party currency is the same as the company’s currency.

New UI - Columns design in services and Fixed Assets
The ability to search in services' and fixed assets' columns design has been added.

Sending emails from installations
The ability to send emails when right clicking on an installation browser has been added.

Excel Import in the new interface
In the new UI, the ability to import using excel in tables such as the manufacturer & the brand has been added.

Variation Analysis in U.O.M.2
The ability to analyze the U.O.M.2 in document lines for stock items observed in variations has been added, given that the related flag is selected.

Locked Years
In case that a year is locked, and there are not Date Limits, deleting documents is no longer allowed.

Searching in active browser
The ability to search the tabulated data that appear in browsers, such as the commercial category, has been added using the active browser in the new UI.

Variation Statement
In the "Variation Statement" report, sorting happens per code and date.

Conversions history
The field "conversion" has been added in the lines of the Conversions history.

Stock Documents
The ability to convert lines has been added in the stock documents.

Warranties - Document Deletion
During the deletion of a document, that has created a warranty, the warranty is also automatically deleted.

Set composition in series
Given that the method of a composition has been set to "With question (Yes)" in the series of a sales document, a message for the creation of the composition document appears, when there is a set in the document lines.

Pending orders
The delivery date has been added in the "pending orders" of stock items, through the related jobs.

Composition documents comments
Comments of a document are transferred (COMMENTS,COMMENTS1) to the composition document that is created.

Hint timeout in action history
The hint timeout has been increased from 2,5 sec to 5 sec in the new UI. In the old UI, hints remain while the mouse hovers over the action.